To Do (starting at least 1 week before a test)
-->Work hard throughout the chapter/unit!!
Be aware that math is meant to be a journey of discovery and unlocking understanding. To TRULY understand everything, and see why this is such a BEAUTIFUL subject, you must persistently work hard at it. Read the book, do the work, try your best - this is the best way to not only succeed but really DISCOVER math!

-->Review Assignment:
This assignment has problems similar to the test problems. Do all of the problems on this worksheet and when you are done, check your answers with those on the back (if available). If the answers match up, great! Otherwise, mark those that are incorrect and check them for mistakes! This is probably the BEST way to study for the tests.

Unless you understand each and EVERY problem on the homework, ask for help! I know it is not always easy to ask questions in class, but if you truly want to understand, if you want to have that wonderful feeling of really understanding math, you NEED to ask questions during class.

-->Come to tutoring!
You will get 5 points of extra credit, an after-school or at-lunch snack (free food!), and potential for dramatic improvement in your understanding.

-->Do problems similar to those on the homework:
homework problems are assigned because they are essential to your understanding of algebra 1. I only pick the best problems for you to do, but problems that appear around the ones assigned are usually great ones to practice too. For example, if I assign the odd problems, work on the even ones!