If you need help outside of tutoring, these are available to you:
(I know I am posting these, but for things that have passwords/logins, please keep these within the HHS community - we paid for licenses only for our students’ use! Keep it honest!!)

Prentice Hall Online Use the web codes in your textbook to unlock interactive games, videos, and the Homework Video Tutor, along with useful practice materials and helpful tools to aid your success as we work our way through this exciting textbook! (Note: This is only for Algebra 1 students at the moment. When we adopt new textbooks for Geometry & Algebra 2 in the future, these will become available to you as well!)

*www.librarytutor.org - offered by the LA public library and they have great online tutors that you can chat with about any subject

*www.hotmath.com (login: hhscougars) - has complete textbook solutions and live interactive tutors 24/7 that you can chat with. This is a wonderful site that can really help you understand the problems that have been assigned for your homework!!

*Live Homework Help from Tutor.com - sponsored by the Torrance Public Library, with help from real, live tutors. Live Homework Help is available for students right from this website from 1 pm to 10 pm every day. You can receive help in math, science, social studies, or English.  A Torrance Public Library card is required, so visit one of the 6 Torrance Public libraries, get a card, and start using their tutoring service!

*The Math Forum - has forums where people have asked math professors questions about pretty much every aspect of math. If you can't find your answer, you can email them and they usually email you within the next 24 hours.

*BrainPOP (login: hwbrainpop, password: Cougar1) - The ultra-cool animations starring Moby and Tim that teach you various aspects of mathematics (and many other interesting subjects and people of interest!)

*TeacherTube - Like YouTube but with educational videos, where teachers and students demonstrate how to do different types of math problems (along with videos for other subjects).

*Online Graphing Calculator - In the case that you don’t have a TI-84+ graphing calculator handy, this is an adequate substitute. See what graphs look like and explore what happens when you change certain numbers in the equation!

*NCTM Graphing Calculator - Another good online graphing resource!

*Soshiku is a simple but powerful tool that helps your students manage their assignments, appointments, etc.  Soshiku keeps track of when their assignments are due and can even notify them via email or text message.  And it's free.