Welcome to Pre-Calc!

Welcome to Pre-Calculus! You are in for an exciting year of rigorous mathematics - be prepared to work hard! While the content may be difficult, this is when it really gets interesting and just maybe, you may discover a real love of math.

Make sure you have noted my email address & cell phone number to contact me any time with questions.

Graphing calculators will be required for this course. We will be doing fundraising for them, but Back-to-School sales have currently lowered the price by about $25-35. Check out Target, Office Depot, etc. to buy now and get help paying for it when we do fundraising in October. Graphing calculators will be used from Day 1.

Here is a challenge problem:
You are going to place all numbers from 1 to 16 on a 4x4 chessboard such that all consecutive number pairs (1-2, 2-3, ..., 15-16) will be on the neighboring cells (left-right-top-down).

In how many different ways can this be done?