Thank you for visiting and for all the support you give to our students! I look forward to working with you this coming year. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.

*You will receive a syllabus during the first week of school. This covers all the important information about my class - my policies, availability, expectations, etc. I ask that students have their parents/guardians sign these, so please ask them about them. You can download a copy of the syllabus on the Important Files page.

*There are many free opportunities for your student to get help outside of school. I offer tutoring every Tuesday at lunch or after school - I would love to see your student there! Please also see Want a Good Grade for school/local resources for tutoring or Online Help for the multitude of online math help available.

*You will receive a grade printout every 2-4 weeks that will gives your student’s current progress. I ask that students have their parents/guardians sign these, so please ask them about them. These will come more often than HHS Progress Reports, so they are an excellent way to stay on top of your student’s work in my class.

Homework is assigned approximately 3 times per week. Look for a colored packet with a stamp sheet on the cover. The stamps indicate the student’s progress during the Chapter, so if you don’t see any stamps, we know there is a problem. The students turn in each packet on the day of the test. Keep an eye on the class’s blog, where I will post homework deadlines and upcoming test dates. Keeping on top of your student about these deadlines is probably one of the most important things you can do to support them.

-->If you want to know test grades, your student also has a “Test Record Sheet” where they record all of their test scores. Feel free to ask to see it!

Ask your student to explain their homework problems to you! Even if you do not understand all of the math, keep asking them about what they are learning and push them to perform to your expectations. They should be able to explain the math problems in a way that you can get a general understanding - if they can’t, they need to work harder! Types of questions you can ask are below:

    *Information about
    college and youth programs are prevalent online. I’ve listed some of my favorites under Opportunities and Scholarships - these are excellent opportunities for students to jumpstart their life after high school.

    *Out of the
    Top 50 Jobs in America (according to the Wall Street Journal), a majority require fluency in mathematics - therefore, knowing and understanding mathematics is extremely important to your student’s future success! It is definitely true that if you can do math, you can do anything. Mathematics opens the doors of opportunity, push your student to seek those out through mathematics!!

    *Again, please feel free to
    contact me if you have any questions. I make an effort to provide opportunities for students to communicate with their parents/guardians/families about their progress in my class, but it would be even better to hear from you. If you have a question or comment, I would love to hear it - don’t hesitate to ask!